• A visual link was created between pedestrians and the vaulted ceiling

  • The sandstone Edwardian building was originally constructed in 1910

  • The ornate vaulted ceiling over the main retail space

  • Floorplates were rationalised through reimagining and modernising the retail space

72 Grafton Street

Originally constructed in 1910, No.72 Grafton street has been at the centre of the busiest shopping district in the country for over 100 years. Initially designed as a cinema, the building boasts an ornate vaulted ceiling over its main retail space and a detailed Edwardian sandstone facade to Grafton St. Unfortunately, owing to several alterations and additions over the years, the quality of the internal space has deteriorated, and the ornate ceiling has remained hidden from the street.

In reimagining and modernising the buildings retail space, Henry J Lyons Architects rationalised the various ­ floorplates into usable ­ floor area, and created a strong visual link between pedestrians and the vaulted ceiling through use of a double height entrance. This not only creates more potential display area for the retailer, but also provides a strong architectural point of interest to attract passersby.

Working closely with conservation architects and Dublin City Council, we have developed a sensitive and considered scheme, which maximises the potential of the retail area while enhancing the rich architectural character of Grafton St. The result is a design that delivers a new lease of life to this historic building, while providing modern, ­ flexible retail space.


Under Construction



Grafton Street, Dublin 2