• Town Centre ranges in height of 8 to 12 storeys

  • A lively retail street of retail opportunities

  • An internal open restaurant & retail square

  • An new urban plaza offers cafes & restaurants

  • Main entrance into the retail mall

Ballymun Town Centre

This new town centre development contains over 148,000 sqm of facilities which include a large portion of retail together with office, civic, leisure and residential uses. It is comprised of 9 urban blocks ranging in height from 4 to 12 storeys which sit over a continuous 3-level basement. The open street arrangement offers distinct urban blocks offering a mix of uses in horizontal and vertical arrangement.

Each street offers a lively ribbon of ground floor retail and own door office accommodation which leads pedestrians from the site perimeter into the internal open squares and encourages site permeability.

A new urban plaza offers cafes and restaurants with an internal/external environment in a landscaped urban setting and provides a main entrance into the enclosed retail mall behind.

Dedicated retail car parking is located at basement level with direct escalator/lift connections up to the retail level. The internal mall extends from basement to second floor with direct connection to the future Metro Station. High value retail units at the lower levels connect with an upper level suite of leisure (cinema) and food court activities and by doing so reinforce the desire of encourage both horizontal and vertical connections throughout the scheme.

Ballymun Shopping Centre Limited

Design Phase



Ballymun, Dublin 9