• Examples of the feature lighting and solid timber in the canteen

  • Vibrant colours are used to indicate various spaces

  • High quality furnishings and materials help serve a relaxing break out zone

  • The space and breakout areas give a fresh and modern feel

  • A subtle connection to place is created through the graphics

  • The client's branding scheme is subtly incorporated into the space

Bord Gáis Energy

The brief was to create a largely open plan office space which is punctuated by feature break out areas and cellular offices/meeting rooms. The project also includes a reception area; staff gym and changing facilities; and a canteen area.

Vibrant, bright colours are used to delineate various spaces and to navigate through the office. The use of glazed screens to cellular rooms, allow natural light to penetrate deep into the centre of the plan. The use of internal glazing creates visual connections and a feeling of openness in the space, giving the office a fresh, modern feel.

Ambient colours, solid timber surfaces, and feature lighting are used to create warmth in the coffee dock, which is designed with high quality furnishings and materials and serves as a relaxing break out zone for night shift staff.

The client’s branding scheme is subtly incorporated into the graphic design. Through the bespoke graphics a subtle connection to place is created which differentiates this project from other projects completed by the Client.

Dave Kirwin, Chief Operating Officer, Bord Gais Energy wrote on contract completion, “it is as smooth an office move as I have seen and that is due to the huge effort you have all made, it really is a credit to you all”.

Bord Gáis Energy




Airport Business Park, Cork