• Block H, Block I and the security hub

  • New central plaza and boulevard extension

  • Entrance foyer and central atrium

  • New entrance foyer of Block H Central Patk

  • The Block H office lift lobby

  • A typical office floor plate in Block H

  • The reception desk and concierge hub

Central Park Block H

The proposed design for Central Park Block H House represents a new level for office design in Ireland. Aside from providing one of the largest single office buildings in Dublin City to date, the proposed schemes flexibility, finishes, materials and design are intended to eclipse any other competing schemes currently proposed for the Irish market.

Inside, the design is ‘best in class’ in terms of flexibility of space. Columns are kept to a minimum, and when combined with the carefully considered location of future tenant risers and structural soft spots, allows for a vast combination of tenant configurations. Tenant amenities, car parking, and cycle storage, combined with a bold eight storey high central lobby, sets Central Park Block H House clearly apart from its potential competitors for desirable office space in Dublin.

Outside, we have drawn inspiration from projects around the world in order to design a truly progressive and eye-catching envelope. The strong Landscape design, cutting edge façade engineering and the distinctive ‘Blade’ feature which over arches the scheme will set the project apart from any design built in Ireland today.

Taking all of these factors together, we feel they will combine to create a landmark office development which will set the standard in Ireland for years to come.

This project also includes improvements to the Central Park campus through the provision of a new security and management facilities hub, infrastructure improvements and new access roads.

Green REIT

Under Construction



Leopardstown, Dublin 18