• The proposed development of Chatham Court

  • The development as seen from Balfe Street

  • View of external terrace on fourth floor

Chatham Court

The redevelopment of Chatham Court will entail the demolition of the existing three storey building currently located on the site at Chatham Street and the construction of a new 6,206m2 five storey mixed use building which will include a double basement.

The lower basement will include parking for up to 12 cars, plant areas, shower rooms, storage areas and 44 spaces for bicycle parking whilst the upper basement will comprise of 993m2 of retail floor space. The ground floor and first floor will comprise of a further 1,860m2 of retail floor space whilst the remaining floors will accommodate over 2,330m2 of office space.

The second floor office space will include external terraces on the northern and western elevations, the third floors office space will include an external terrace on the northern elevation and the fourth floor will also include external terraces situated on the northern and western elevations.

Adelaide Real Estate Investments plc.

Design Phase



Chatham Street, Dublin 2