• A 20 storey apartment building acts as a beacon to the city

  • Compact city blocks accommodate c.800 apartments

  • The vertical elements resonate with industrial dockland architecture

  • A new riverside walkway connects the development to the city

  • Existing 20th Century Buildings have been successfully incorporated

  • New civic and commercial square on Centre Park Road

Cork South Docks

This proposal for new urban quarter located in the heart of Cork’s historic docklands on the site of the old Ford Factory seeks to provide a new dense, compact and dynamic community with a rich public realm and high level of environmental amenity. The vision for this ‘new town in the old city’ is that of a vibrant, innovative, mixed use, sustainable and socially inclusive urban quarter connected by walking and cycling routes, as well as public transport and infrastructure, to the City Centre. The mixed use Master Plan proposal is located on a 10 hectare site on the banks of the River Lee. A new riverside walkway connects pedestrians to the city while acting as an important green space within the new quarter. The heritage of the Ford buildings is used as the generator of an important new urban green space at the heart of this new town. A civic and retail urban square is created on Central Park Road adding to the variety of urban spaces within the city.

The proposal for over 2.5 million square feet of accommodation includes over 800 medium density city dwellings, commercial offices, convenience retail, leisure retail, rowing club, library, civic offices and community buildings. The retained Ford factory will become an important visitors centre showcasing the vibrant technology industries of the region. Planning permission has been granted for the development in 2011.

Templeford Ltd.

Planning Permission Granted



Cork South Docks, Cork