• Located on a 360 acre site in Athlone

  • Accommodating over 1.1million square metres

Euro China Trading Hub

The Europe China Trading Hub (ECTH) is a major trading and leisure hub for a 360 acre site in Athlone. The purpose of the development is to showcase Chinese manufactured trade products to European and North American buyers in the leisure based environment.

The overall development will accommodate over 11,000,000ft2 of development (1.1 million m2) and will incorporate 10 two storey trading halls, reception halls, conference facilities, convention facilities, hotels, service departments, theatre, cinema, arts buildings, library, office buildings, medical centre, leisure centre, short stay workers accommodation, primary school, a train station and circa 750 residential units.

The volumes of the very large exhibition buildings have been set out in fluid forms allowing the buildings to blend into the surrounding undulating landscape. The design is responsive to energy reduction and sustainability consideration with free heating and cooling being provided by a network of underground tunnels. External solar shading is provided by large overhangs and external metal mesh screening.

The development is to be completed in 5 phases and the first phase of 2 trading halls and convention centre (approximately 1.1 million ft2 or 100,000m2) has been granted planning permission.

Athlone Retail Park Ltd. and Inchmid Ltd.

Planning Permission Granted (Phase 1)



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