• The vibrant reception area

  • Colours were used to create an energetic atmosphere

  • Horizontal & verticle coloured stripes add to the vibrancy

  • Columns were used as graphics locations

  • One of the 3 boardrooms at the office space

Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Jazz Pharma is a 1,120m² fit-out of Level 4 Connaught house for the Pharmaceutical company looking to expand their European base. The brief was to create a largely cellular office space with 3 Boardrooms and a breakout coffee dock.

The client expressed a desire to use vibrant colours throughout the fit-out to create an energetic atmosphere within the office while also maintaining a corporate image.

In the open plan office we have added colour through the use of diagonal colour carpet stripes and vertical colour manifestation while keeping the desks quite muted. We then used the columns within the open plan office as graphics locations, using sepia images based on the Jazz Pharma office origin in San Francisco and the new office in Dublin.

The Coffee Dock is the breakout point for staff to come and mix, while also being a flexible ‘All That Jazz’ town hall meeting space.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals




Burlington Road, Dublin 4