• The early modernist inspired facade

  • A luxurious penthouse interior

  • Dramatic views of Killiney Bay

  • Jura limestone is used throughout

Killiney Court Apartments

The Court apartment development is built on the site of the Killiney Court Hotel with views across Killiney Bay. The original Hotel served the public from the post war years until the late 1990’s when it gradually ceased operating and was sold to its present owners.

The development consists of a total of 47 apartments, 44 of which are accommodated in two new blocks, which broadly follow the footprint of the previous hotel extensions, and three in the refurbished Newman & Deane house. The architecture of the new blocks and the front façade is strongly inspired by the forms and lines of the early modernist architecture of the 1920’s and 30’s and by extension seaside and naval architecture. The limited palette of materials, strong horizontal lines, layering of the façade elements and emphasis on primary and secondary rhythms all echo this period of early modernist architecture.

The stone used both inside and out is a hard-wearing Jura limestone. Externally it is used in both sandblasted and honed finish enabling the large flat areas of stone to be broken up. The glass balustrade elements serve to give the front façade a horizontal emphasis while the glass light boxes at ground level enhance the sense of arrival. Access to the penthouse level roof gardens is provided by dramatic open stairwells that punctuate the skyline and further serve to anchor these blocks to their local landscape.

Rhode Ireland Limited



47 Apartments

Killiney, Co. Dublin