• The developments seven storey glazed facade

  • The dramatic full height atrium provides natural light

  • Breath taking views of the city centre

  • Elements and materials are of the highest design quality

  • The development is situated on the quays waterfront

One Albert Quay

Albert Quay is the most significant new office development in Cork city centre. The building provides high quality sustainable ‘Grade A’ office space, with an attractive glazed facade over seven storeys and is designed to Gold ‘LEED’ standards. It is situated on a unique waterfront with breath taking views of the city centre; it is at a transitional point between the City Centre and the ambitious vision of the South Docks.

The ‘single site’ approach not only allowed delivery of a strategic quantum of office based employment, it does so in a way that allows appropriate responses of architectural treatment to site conditions offered by each of the sides of the site, addressing orientation, materials, scale and views.

It also allowed the designer to consider the built environment in a holistic manner for the entire site and provide dramatic spaces such as the terrace at the 5th Floor on the western side of the building. This terrace not only acts as an amenity space where building occupants can interact, but it also presents a unique opportunity to introduce breaks in the elevation, when massing the building architecturally was a key driver in developing the design concept. It also considers the integration of the scheme around a dramatic full height atrium which provides natural light into the kernel of the building and an orientation point for the end users.

The prominent nature of this building on the river Lee’s south quays required that the façade elements, materials and the scale of circulation spaces are of the highest design quality.

This high quality treatment is utilised throughout the development, ensuring a cohesive design with a proposed layout that balances the defined requirements of the client’s aspirations with the explicit urban design characteristics and the high quality of facade treatment. This has ensured a sustainable and attractive city centre development.

John Cleary Developments




Albert Quay, Cork