• Sculptural elements in circulation route

  • Waiting area with landscape graphics


Dell, formerly Quest software, recently relocated to Block C, Citygate, Mahon on the outskirts of Cork City. Henry J Lyons were appointed Architects by Quest Software in early 2012 with a 12 week construction period, completing in October 2012.

The project entailed a fit out of 80,000ft2 and included the four storey atrium space where we collaborated with Gensler to provide sculptural elements, to help animate what was quite a static space, most notably a 15m high green living wall and slatted open tree which spanned the 30m width of this space.

The clients were very taken with the idea of connecting the interior concept with ideas relating to Irish literature heritage and the natural environment. Each floor is themed around the Irish landscape with very large graphic images of trees, peninsulas, rivers and mountains providing a backdrop to the work environment. Irish literature and poetry is similarly well represented.

The clients were very happy that their building reflects the large-scale input from both the US and UK while having regard to the history, language and traditions of this country.

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Mahon, Cork