• RCSI NAEB Sectional perspective

  • RCSI NAEB Level 1 Library Study area

  • RCSI NAEB Level 5 Surgical training laboratory

  • RCSI NAEB Level 3 Clinical simulation suite reception area

Royal College of Surgeons

The New Academic Educational Building (NAEB) for the Royal College of Surgeons  in Ireland builds on the College’s heritage of excellence and innovation and its historical presence in the Saint Stephen’s Green campus. The realisation of the NAEB will provide unique, modern, inspiring and ambitious medical sciences and surgical training facilities while being the catalyst to enhance the student amenities within the entire RCSI SSG campus. The building will be a student and academic centre and will promote the continued development of the RCSI community in the heart of the city. The completed building will accommodate surgical training, clinical simulation facilities, a 540 seat lecture theatre, tutorial rooms, a range of training rooms, a 600 student library, student sports hall, gym and associated support facilities.

The 10 storey building is organised around a central atrium, around which is gathered a wide variety of student break out and informal learning spaces. The atrium also facilitates  transparency and visual connectivity between the student spaces and surrounding  specialised teaching and simulation spaces.

The building facade to York St is fully glazed with a light frit added body to the permeable facade. The facade invites the public to be aware of the nature of teaching activities within the building. The curtain walling and glazing to the southern and rear facade is protected from solar heat gain by the utilisation of an additional external anodized mesh which also provides a layer of privacy to adjoining residential dwellings.

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

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York Street, Dublin 2