• The office as seen from the M7 motorway

  • The new restaurant space on the ground floor

  • Standing high table collaboration zone


SAP Waterside is a 2,260m2 fit out of Level 1 and 2 in the Waterside 2 building in CityWest. The brief was to create an open plan office space that had a mix of meeting rooms, breakout spaces and collaboration spaces, which built on and enhanced the AppHaus model implemented on Level 3.

The client was interested in creating an atmosphere on the floors that would encourage team work, through the use of space, materials and furniture.

First impressions when entering onto the floor were an important consideration. We used the area off the lift lobby as our core cellular zone – housing meeting rooms, tea stations, shower areas and a café. Left and right of this area on both floors was a standing height collaboration area, used both as an entry point to the floor to frame the view, and to form a break between the open plan office and the structured cellular space.

The use of movable screens in the open plan area gave practical and flexible screening to select areas. These were finished in whiteboard material so that they could be used as moveable whiteboards.

Whiteboard paint was used throughout the fit-out - was combined with colourful graphics to introduce vibrancy and atmosphere to the overall open plan spaces.

The use of colour and joinery pieces not only gives identity to the floors within the building but also reinforces the SAP brand to the people travelling on the M7 motorway outside.





Citywest, Dublin 24