• The feature custom design 'Airfix' metal screen in the main reception

  • The interior reflects zen Japanese muted tones and colours

  • Meeting, focus and collaboration rooms were strategically placed


SMBC Aviation engaged with us to redesign and extend their Headquarters at IFSC House. Their offices still occupied our original designed offices as part of their integration into the RBS Group in 2005. In the intervening period they had been bought by SMBC, a Japanese Bank, and grown into one of the world’s leading aviation leasing companies therefore requiring expansion of space located on half of Level 3 in the same building.

The design is centered around the dealing floor located on Level 1, overlooking the river, with their newly located client facing accommodation on Level 3.  The overall interior scheme reflects zen Japanese muted tones and colours throughout with metal and white oak materials playing a key role on Level 3.

A canteen located on Level 1 provides a new outlook over the surrounding exterior designed for social use and informal meetings. When planning the new space, meeting, focus and collaboration rooms were strategically placed to aid efficiency and identity for day to day use. With constant need for large group talks and presentations the new larger auditorium on level 3 presented flexible, large spaces with high specification AV integration, essential for the business.

What’s unique about this building is the great views from it – out the south facing windows to the Liffey and the bay beyond – and the way the design is organised to take advantage of them. So although there are many cellular spaces and support spaces within, the most important shared spaces take advantage of the best views.

SMBC Aviation Capital




IFSC, Dublin 1