• Mortuary chapels entrance court

  • An enclave within the wider hospital campus

St James’s Mortuary

The new ensemble of Mortuary building and car park is separated from the light rail stop to the west by a new landscaped park, 33m long x 13.5m wide, an inclined plane of grass and trees through which the pedestrians arriving by bus or light rail will enter the chapels.

The building and carpark are wrapped at ground level to the south and west in continuous 3.3m high white polished precast concrete walls punctured only once, by the mortuary pedestrian entrance in the park, creating a sort of enclave within the wider hospital campus.

The public entrance is via a quiet, enclosed, landscaped courtyard at the west gable, gathering visiting mourners arriving by car or public transport and guiding them into the 24m long reception hall.

The long hall provides an access strip into the chapels which form a second layer buried in the centre, the heart, of the plan.

The Mortuary, Post-Mortem Suite and Chapels at St. James's Hospital instills an entirely appropriate architectural sensitivity.

The Board of St. James's Hospital




James's St, Dublin 8